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“On December 28, 2017 I suffered a massive heart attack known as a ‘widow maker’. I died for 15 minutes. During CPR the paramedics broke all my ribs, my chest plate, ruptured a disk in my neck and fractured 4 vertebrae in my lower back. However, they saved my life…. Three years later, I am still suffering from chronic pain on a daily basis. Most days, I can barely walk and have horrible headaches. I have tried everything to ease the horrendous pain, including opioids, with not much relief. I recently received a gift that has changed my life already. In just a short few days after trying “XEN- CBD/CBG Joint Cream” I am better able to move and enjoy the things I haven’t for the past few years. A blessing beyond words… I would highly recommend XEN products to Anyone that would like to relieve their suffering and enjoy life again.”


“It [XEN] helped a ton for my sciatica, really relieved it. I used some twice a day when I first got it, and I’ve been using it every day since then. The pain isn’t totally gone of course, but it’s definitely toned it down to a point where I can get around again, do all my chores and whatnot, and not have to think about my back. That’s been pretty nice, I must say.”


“My wife hurt her foot pretty badly back in 91’, the bone was completely broken. She worked so hard to get it back into shape, and she did, but the last 6 months she’s found that it had been hurting again. Since she’s started using the XEN however, she’s found that the soreness is greatly relieved and she’s able to get around on that foot much easier throughout the day.”

About us?

Certified Brands is currently positioning itself to become a global leader in the multi-billion-dollar CBD and hemp-infused product marketplace. Our focus is set on creating the highest quality formulations that are extremely pure, potent and remarkably effective. Certified Brands’ experienced team of scientists, creatives, and business people is unmatched by the competition. It is our mission to set the “Green Standard” in the CBD and hemp product marketplace.

An estimated 64,000,000 Americans have tried CBD products…why is it that so many people are turning to CBD products?
of Americans have tried CBD in the past two years.
WHY do people use CBD Products?
Reduce stress or anxiety or to aide relaxation
Help with joint pain
To improve sleep quality

It is our Mission to set the “Green Standard” of Quality in the CBD product marketplace.

At Certified Brands Group, quality is always of the utmost importance… that’s why all of our products are tested by 3rd party labs! Ensuring that every product that comes off our shelves is pure, potent and exactly what you see on the label is part of our secret sauce. We believe that when someone purchases a CBD or hemp product, they should know exactly what they’re getting. This is the Green Standard.


Here at Certified Brands Group, our secret sauce is all about the customer. We are on a mission to create a portfolio of diverse product lines to better serve the needs of customers across all demographics…after all, people of all ages and backgrounds love CBD!


Our formulations are custom tailored with great care and attention to maximize efficacy.

Diverse Brands

We are building a diverse portfolio of brands to suit the needs of the all CBD users!

Green Standard

All of our products are guaranteed to be pure, consistently high quality and effective!